SOLD/EXPIRED Eliseo RTM & Pierce in 243/300WM Switch Barrel


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Jul 8, 2009
Eliseo RTM chasis with short action lower magwell (for 243 win) anodized USO green extra rails for mounting accessories and the stock has the extended forearm for nv. Rail cut for Schmidt Bender scope. Rail mounted to adjustable butt pad for monopod. Also has a long action magwell for the 300WM, anodized black.

Pierce tube gun action in long action, Rem trigger.

All work performed by Pierce.

242 Win: Broughton 5c 7.5 twist medium palma finished to 28 inches. R&D brake. Spiral flutted bolt with tactical bolt handle. 750 rounds fired.

300 Win Mag: 27" Brux 1-10 twist with interrupted fluting, threaded muzzle. Spiral flutted bolt with tactical bolt handle. 55 rounds fired.

Includes a magazine for each caliber, wrench for changing barrels.

Has standard handling marks.

Pelican case is not included but is negotiable. I also have rings and bipods if the buyer wants, I'll make a decent deal on them.

$3500 shipped to your dealer. USPS MO only. Will consider high end trades, have other nice stuff (1911, 308 bolt rifles, etc) that I can add for a trade up.

I also have 1,000 rounds of 300WM Fed 190gr Sierra MatchKings that can be worked into a sale or trade. These are not included in the shipping if part of a sale.



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