Elevation, Is that all there is?


May 1, 2004
Angola, IN
I went out to complete my drop table to 1000 yards yesterday. I had never shot past 700. Everything was peachy till 900 when my elevation turret started turning hard at about 24 minutes. At that point elevation was OK but my bullet struck 2.5 feet left of the target. A couple minutes of windage could not move it. Everything struck 2.5 feet left.
I take it my elevation turret is topping out and binding up the reticle, does this sound right? This is a Springfield with a 1000 yard rangefinder reticle so it would be no surprise if they didn't build lots of adjustment into it. If I am right what is the best step to get the extra 5 or 6 MOA I need to get to 1000? Shim it? Or mounts?
Thanks for the response, now here's a tougher question. Is anybody producing a set of 20MOA bases for the Browning A-bolt? I'm checking with Farral. Anyone else? Help!

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I am aware of that option, but Burris customer service says they don't make a ring high enough to accomodate my 56mm objective. The combination I had to use to keep the 56mm off the barrel was Burris bases and Leopold rings.

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I have used the Burris Signature rings on my Tasco Custom Shop 8x40x56 mounted on a Rem PSS 308 and they worked just fine. I used a -.010 in the front and a +.010 in the back for added adjustment range. Get the Burris Signature extra high 30mm rings,
Natchez has them for $42.38 # BU420582. Covers might be tight depending on barrel contour.
Thanx for the responses, Ferral would do it for about 125 if I send the rifle, Nears base is 175. My smith will work on my bases for $40 to get what I need and I won't need new rings so that's how I'm going.
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