Elevated blinds & getting a steady hold

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
I normally hunt whitetails from an elevated blind and struggle to get a steady hold for shooting at 300yds+. The blinds are built/bought by the outfitter(s) so I can't modify them to improve the rest. Most are rather small too.

I have a hog saddle and a solid aluminum tripod that I can use but I'm curious to know how that would affect POI. Have any of you guys determined how your rifle shoots when locked into a similar rifle holding device? The recoil pulse has to be completely different.
I have used a "SME type Window Gun Rest Filled Bag" and then adjust the seat. My daughter used a triped, but the rifle rests on it, not locked in.
that definitely is a legitimate concern. Having a rope or heavy string attached to the seat in order to pull up whatever device you come up with is helpful. I have a large backpack I pull up once seated. It has worked well in most cases. There are times when you have to shoot quickly but usually at the longer distances, you have time to adjust. Generally , POI remains true and am real familiar with my rig. Shoot quite regularly year round minus a few months when it’s miserably hot and humid down here. Then again 300 yards is probably the longest shot we take on our lease in Georgia. Now is a great time to work it out. Good luck
I have tried two methods for the same scenario, first and if possible, I anchor my trigger arm / elbow on the side window effectively "bracing" my shoulders at the rear of the rifle and giving me a vertical "lock / stability". This assumes your POI allows this to happen, In TX, blinds are pointed at feeders so more common for this to work.

Second method is to use a collapsible walking stick with a Y saddle on it, I use either the HOG saddle or the window bag for the front rest and place the "Y" just behind my trigger hand (maybe holding the Y) and before the sling stud with the sticks lower side angled forward. I set the sticks length to set point of aim slightly above my intended target then slide the rifle forward slowly, the stick lifts the buttstock.

This will bring POI down to your intended target, effectively providing a rear adjustable rest. If the walking sticks rubber foot has an tendency to slide, take your forward leg and place it over the stick to hold it in place nearest the bottom, generally lower calf area. Some Blinds allow you to also set your shoulder against the side of the blind providing you even more stability.

provides this typ of stability in the pic below. of course you have the window or the Hog Saddle Tripod in front and the rear stick angled forward similar to the this pic. hope this helps. or jsut get the one in the pic below and you are good to go, provided it is tall enough to use with the blind window.
I just got a tripod to play with for a particular hunt so I can see what the effect is. I got the BOG Infinite carbon with the death grip head so I will see how it works. I am sure it will take some getting used to and hopefully it doesn't require too much or any load tweaking. It does seem like this unit would fill a blind up pretty good.