Elbert County Gun Club

john g duvall

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Dec 19, 2009
Winder, Ga.
The Elbert County Gun Club is located in N.E. Georgia just north of Elberton. This club offers shooters of every category an opportunity to sharpen their skills. The club has a 1000 yard course, 400 yard course along with clay shooting, archery and pistol range. www.elbertcogunclub.com will put you in touch with manager Craig Smith and outline the policies of the club. I have been a member for two years at this club. The competition at different events has produced IBS National champions. We also have a former 1000 yard world record holder that joined us this year. Any one that truly desires the opportunity to "hone" their craft should consider joining this club. I have met with about 60% of the members and every member is always willing to share what they know and provide help to anyone that asks. I visited different clubs in Georgia before deciding to join ECGC. My reasons for becoming a member were due to the great atmosphere, the comradeship of other members, the unity, the profesionalism. experience and history not to mention that the price of membership is most reasonable compared to other clubs. In the event that any one needs to find a club with these features, please contact Craig Smith (1 706 213-0098) and/or visit our site for more information. Thanks J.D. Hope to see you soon.
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