Effects of Mirage on Long Range Shots

Bud Meadows

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Aug 19, 2001
Chicago, IL
One thing I don't see mentioned on this board is the effect of mirage on shots exceeding 500 yards. When I did a lot of competitive high power shooting while I was in the Army, we stressed the effect that heavy mirage has on point of impact. Specifically, you aim at what you THINK is the proper target, but the mirage displaces that target. In addition, mirage is an excellent indicator of both the intensity and direction of the wind. Any thoughts?
if i could find a good book to teach me how to determine mirage and using the standard mil-dot i would be a very happy man.
ahhhhh now welcome to the world of High Desert Shooting.. mirage is almost always a factor here.. I still havn't mastered it yet...but once you learn what you are looking at you are able to tell wind direction and intesity to a degree...
THis is something I also would love to hear more about...
A very good read is The Ultimate Sniper by John Plaister covers every thing you need to know,about every thing.Get your self a Mildot master also this is an aid for field shooting,converting your measured Mildot measurement to distance in yards or metres.It then tells you for given moa elevation how many Mildot to aim if you prefer.Mildot measuring is a developed skill you need to know the size in inchs of your target and do a maths calculation,the Mildot master does this for you,but you still need to know your target size.A range laser is obviously easier but sometimes you dont get a reflection, were as the mk1 eyeball and Mildot work very well in all areas.
I've seen the basics covered in several books over the last few years, but that's just a starting point in my opinion. 90% of it, I think, has to be learned in practice.

The Complete 50 Caliber Sniper Course
Precision Shooting Reloading Guide??

Those are a couple books that have visual referances in them.

I recently was reading some new interesting info on 1,5,7 and 11 o'clock mirrage but, can't seem to find anything I might have saved with regaurd to it, and it was interesting. I'll see what I can find on it later.
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