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    Jan 30, 2008
    Got my edge dialed in with the 300 grain berger, i mean really dialed in. Enclosed is pictures of some 100 yard groups. I wasnt able to chrono at 100 yards but i am guessing around 2800. Well then i went to see what it could do at 200 yards and all of a sudden my groups opened up! prolly about 2 inches at 200. They chronoed right at 2800. Then there was three that went a little bit faster (2830) and those three tucked right in there at 200. All shots were with identically prepped and weight sorted brass. 92 gr. of H1000 cci 250 primer. any suggestions?

    2 Groups 100 yards on separate days

    200 yard group of the 3 that went 2830FPS

    200 yard group of the 3 that went 2800FPS