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  1. bcraft1111

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    Jan 11, 2005
    has anyone used this action to build a rifle on.I liked all the features , 3 position safty, Push button bolt release, M16 extractor, spiral bolt.

    I did not see a price for just the action do they sell just the action?

    What would it cost to have all this done to a remington action including the action and truing it up?

    Ed Brown Action
  2. Wind Dancer

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    Jan 17, 2005
    Have a real good friend here who shoots nothing (at least that I've ever seen) but Eddie Brown rifles. He has everything from .223s to .338 Lapua. Loves em, swears by them, won't seem to consider anything else. They all shoot very well, usually around 1/4," one holers at 100 yrds. He called me one day very excited about a 600 yrd group of just over an inch as I recall. He admitted it might never happen again, but it gives you some idea of the quality Mr. Brown apparently puts out. I would also have to say that my friend is somewhat of a perfectionist, is far better than average shooter, uses the best optics, and knows his stuff. He has his own range that was 600 yrds but I believe now 800, He's hunted Alaska (Brown Bear) and several trips to Africa. I give you info only to allow you to judge the value of his experience. Back to EB though, unless things have changed recently I don't think he makes any stainless actions, and I thought he only did complete guns. It was also my understanding that he only used his actions. Based on what I've seen, I would think you'd love one of his rifles if you don't need a stainless action. If you want more detail about my friend's experience/comment let me know and I'll try to get you the first hand info.