Early youth whitetail hunt 280yd shot.


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Sep 28, 2006
Michigan Freeland
I took my son out this past weekend for the early season youth whitetail hunt.I had just turned my encore from a 30-06 pistol in to a 7mm-08 rifle for him with a 3x9 nikon scope, and I sighted it in useing 140 grain remington premier accutip bullets.Well we sighted the gun in 2 inch high at 100yds he shot well.Twos days late was the hunt.The hunt only was two days long.We went out saturday morning got to the blind at 6:30 am about 8:00am we started seeing deer all were 400yards out and farther we watch later that day about 6:30 pm we saw some huge bucks come out.they were 390 yards out he tryed the shoot and missed I was video tape it and we look at the tape later to and you could see he missed .The next day came we went out in the morning again same time saw a buck and a doe 525 yards out we watch them and went home at 10:30 am we went out later a 3:00pm got to the blind and waited about 5:00pm he wanted to leave I told him the deer would be coming out just before dark so we sayed and about 6:45pm I looked up and there was abuck standing out in front of us and a doe I told my son to get in the chair behind the gun and wait for me to get set with the video cam.So every thing was set.He watch I told him to wait for the shot the buck to turned side ways he shot and droped it in his tracks I ranged it after the shot it was 280 yards and the buck was a nice 8 point buck with a 15 inch out side spread.
Congrats to you and your son!!!
I bet an incredible experience been able to hunt with your son.
Please post some pictures, and tell us what he said about the hunting trip and his buck.
Here the photo of him in my pill shack and one with his deer.He shot it with a thompson encore 7mm-08 at 280 yards.My wife dont want his face on the world wide web.hOW DO YOU GET A PHOTO ON HERE i TRY IT DIDN'T WORK.With a urL it didn't work
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