Earliest rifle pronghorn hunts?


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Jan 28, 2011
Spokane, WA
Topgun 30-06
I'll prep my answer with a couple of stories. Speer rep comes to a cast bullet shoot I was in. He brought some "trinkets" for prizes, and his understanding was we had 15 benches and shooters. We had 16. When the solution proposed was to put names in a hat and draw them out and pick prizes in that order. I laughed. He asked what was funny as it seemed a reasonable solution. I replied "I never draw anything and my name will be #16
last out of the hat". I didn't get a prize even for being right.
I buy and burn 4 hunting licenses a year playing the draw game. I rarely draw, but bought Swarovski spotting scope as my partners do, and I go as spotter pretty regular.
Consider myself very lucky to own the Swarovski scope-life ain't all bad. In fairness I'm pretty much in for points only this year.
To answer your question I drew that elk tag the first year I ever heard of it. It remains my best draw. Never scored the bull he is mounted, and in my living room, looks good on my wall. Most guesses, mine too, probably 300 unlikely 320.
i was 'introduced" to SNS by a booking agent that usually attended our local sports show. He booked a couple of goat hunts for us. He had been when camp was down on the creek. I believe he had a cow tag-and told me what a tough draw it was. I figured I
had a couple of years to save up. I don't know if he has drawn that tag yet. Left my email on your private post. New to computers and I'm uncertain as to ettiquette on forums, just don't want to offend anybody babbling on. I am enjoying the conversation though.