Durakoat vs Cerakoat

I’m having a rifle done and chose to go with Cerakote. I don’t know what the technical difference is between the two but from everything I’ve read and heard Cerakote is probably a little tougher. Another thing I liked about Nic Industries is they will send you samples on little metal plates so you can make a more precise choice as to color.
I read up on it quite a bit and the Durakoat seems to have great reviews if you are looking for a DIY project. The Cerakot seems to be better more durable but requires you to send it out and have it profesionaly done.
I will be having a smith do it when I do my rifle build so I am not worried about ease of application. There really isn't too much difference in price between the two so just looking right now.
Cerakote is very durable.I have 1 single shot done in it and it is practically impervious to scratches and other things that would ruin a normal blued finish.

Wayne York of Oregunsmithing..did mine for me a couple years ago.
Oregunsmithing LLC
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