SOLD/EXPIRED Dumoulin LR Mauser 98 Action project


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Apr 19, 2019
Fort Worth, Texas
Brand new Dumoulin Mauser 98 Action with Sunny Hill 30mm low steel rings, Boyd's Heritage teal pepper laminate stock with 1" Kick-eez pad installed, pillar bedded in the rear action screw, #1 barrel channel, full wrap ribbon stippling with a 13 1/4" LOP. The Teal laminate was a limited run last year and it was something she picked out.

Actual inlet is Commercial Floorplate Large Ring Mauser and it's actually pretty close

This was a project for the girlfriend that she has lost interest in, but I may pick up if I can't recoup the majority of the funds invested. 30'06 family action size and about the only things needed to complete this is a barrel of your choice, metal finish of your choice, a scope, fitting the rear ring pin to the action(drill out the screw hole to accommodate the larger diameter pin) and fitting the action and bottom metal to the stock. We had intentions to build a 6.5-280 Ackley on it, but I screwed up and bought her a T/C Icon 7mm-08 that she refuses to give up. So this has sat in the safe waiting for me to decide what to do.

Dumoulin Mauser 98 Action $325
Sunny Hill Rings $235
Boyd's Heritage Laminate $392

I am being liberal with the price on the rings and action because I cannot remember what I actually paid for either, so I erred on the low side and come up with an investment of $952. I am including a set of Talley bases if the buyer would rather use those, but in my opinion the Sunny Hill Rings are the way to go.

$800 shipped to your FFL and I will not separate the package.

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