Duluth Trading Co.Fleece Lined Cargo Pants - again

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    Sep 15, 2012
    This is a reminder to those who may not have seen the previous year's post on these pants.

    Duluth Trading Co. sells several fleece lined pants and most have cotton shells. Cotton is bad for hunting in rain or snow as it gets wet and stays wet (& heavy).

    The Duluth "Dry on the Fly" fleece lined cargo pants have heavy nylon shells, a big, comfortable crotch gusset and many extras that you will like such as double knees and many handy pockets.

    I have found these pants to be very wind resistant. I have sprayed mine with Revivex durable water repellant (DWR) to help keep them dry. I double coat the seat and knees.

    For temperatures down to 5 F. I have found the heavier "polar weight" long johns and these pants are all I need when moving. For stationary hunting I can go about an hour with this combo before I need to move to warm up again.

    Yeah, if the temperatures dip below zero I put my Thermolite synthetic fill pants on under Gore-Tex hunting pants - plus the polar weight long johns, natch.

    So I suggest these Duluth pants for cold weather hunting and other activities. Not cheap but a lot less than the similar Rail Riders fleece lined nylon cargo pants.
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