Dream sheep gun


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May 1, 2018
Just received my new dream sheep rifle.
Remington 700 stainless SA
Proof Research stock
Proof Research 18" sendero barrel 6.5 creedmoor
Timney Calvin Elite


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Sep 2, 2007
Jayess, MS
Nothing fancy on the Dall.....Remington 700 bedded in a McMillan KS stock, topped with a 3x9 Leupold in QR rings & bases. 30-06 with 180 Barnes.....

For the Stone, I stepped up to a 1st generation Remington 700 Titanium in 30-06 again, this time with 180 Accubonds.

Have since sold the Ti and built my ultimate sheep gun, a stainless 700, 23" Rock #3 fluted, in a no paint McMillan Classic stock with Edge Technology fill, Leupold VX-3 2.5-8 in Talleys, chambered in 7-08, weighing in at 6 lb - 13 oz empty.

It is milled out for a Wyatts box, and while I have good loads for 162 Amax or 168 Bergers, I put the regular mag box in it and have great matching loads of either 140 BT's or Accubonds at 2940.
Those are some fine rams indeed. That stone has it all, color and headgear. What did he score? Congrats


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May 23, 2019
Waiting for a general purpose long-range gun to come in but the parts I've collected for my mountain gun are as follows.
7 ultramag is the plan
Rem 700 LA
Shilen heavy palma 1:8 7mm barrel to finish at 30"
McMillan A2 stock solid fill
Atlas bipod

Need a Jewell trigger and probably a nightforce shv 4-14x56. It won't be light but with out having to carry crampons, ropes, pickets or other climbing gear the weight should be offset from my typical high altitude adventures.
30 inch heavy palma as a sheep gun? A $2000 scope to bang around the rocks? O.Kkkkk


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Jan 8, 2010
Willamette Vally
30 inch heavy palma as a sheep gun? A $2000 scope to bang around the rocks? O.Kkkkk
Thats what I though I wanted in a sheep gun 4 YEARS AGO. A Nightforce SHV is a sub $1000 scope. And what is it to you if I want to bang any scope of mine around in the rocks?

All that said, my current thoughts would probably be still a 7mm or 30 cal. Non magnum. 284win-300wsm something like that. 24" barrel. McMillan adjustable htg stock and still the Nightforce SHV.


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Jun 8, 2017
I am jumping in! My sheep rifle I own is a Bansner Ultimate Ovis chambered in .270 wsm, built on Bansners action, (Old one, I think made by Defiance) Jewell Trigger, 24" Lija Barrel, High Tech Stock KI coated. Gun is about 5 3/4lbs. until I added the Swarovski Z6i 2-12x50 with Ballistic Turret and 4w reticle. It is a sweet rig!

If I built another one, I would build Razor TI action or Pierce TI, Trigger tech, Proof Sendero Barrel 21" Chambered in .280 AI settled into a Pendleton Composite thumbhole stock with blank mag well. Topped with a Swarovski 3-18x50 X5i with 4WX reticle.

Guy M

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Jun 4, 2007
Chelan Co, Washington
Chance of ever drawing a sheep tag here in Washington is mighty slim, but it could happen.

If it did, I think I'd just use the same 30-06 Rem 700 CDL & 6x Leupold I use for most everything: antelope, mule deer, black bear, elk and more. It shoots great and I'm very accustomed to using it. Mostly I've shot 165 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips at 2940 fps. Deadly on everything so far.

Regards, Guy


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Sep 25, 2010
On my sheep hunt I had a local smith build me one with 700 action with 26” Brux barrel in 300 win mag. Sheep are not hard to kill. Only reason I chose the 300 was I had a grizz tag which I filled too. A light weight and accurate rifle is needed. A gun you feel comfortable shooting out to 500 yds.

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