Dr. Johns 458 Target



this group is from my 458 win mag built on a 1917 action, 26" barrel, leupold 2-7 varII, and ammo was a hornady 500gr soft point with 70gr of varget at 100 yards.
just gotta love this rifle. the lower group is 3 consecutive shots, measure about 3/8". the top hole is a shot while adjusting the scope. the small hole on the right is from my son's 30-06.

I am just proud of this rifle.

just needed to say a big "thank you" to WyoWhisper for posting this for me. I did not know how to post a pic and he volunteered to do it. it is not every day that someone will go out of their way to help someone they don't know. much appreciated.
Except for the USO thread.. we all generally get along here and it is all about sharing and helping...

so no sweat glad to do it for ya!
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