SOLD/EXPIRED Dpms lr 308 .... Fs

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    May 6, 2012
    I need to sell this to free up some cash for my father (the gun is in my possession but is his gun). He has been out of work for some time and needs to sell this to pay the bills that are late. This isn't a sob story just need to get rid of it to catch up so he can have more time looking for a job.

    80 rds down the tube and shoots MOA or better wth FGMM 168. I had Stiller's gunsmith install a Badger Thruster on it and it is class 3 5/8 threads. It wears a Nikon BM 6-18x40 fine dot scope. Still looks new.


    Nikon 6476 scope
    nylon sling
    Harris 6-9 bipod non swivel smooth legs
    5 mags (2 steel 19rd, 1 steel 4rd, and 2 20rd Pmags)
    Magpul MIAD Grip
    Black drag bag
    Black DPMS case
    Badger Brake

    Price is 2300 shipped

    Please guys if you want to complain I'm gouging please read the entire thread this isn't about profit its about keeping a roof over someones head!


    Please PM for info or if you need my number to chat about it.