Douhgnut avoidance


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Jul 23, 2007
Northern Utah
Are there any 7mm cartridges/cases that seem less likely to form doughnuts? Have been told the Norma cases are more apt to and wildcat cartridges do as well from the necking down/up.
Am getting close to rebarrelling and after having to deal with doughnut issues in a necked down 330-7 dakota - want to avoid this as much as possible in the future. Am leaning towards a 7WSM.
Is your choice only for a short action ? If not, why not a 7 STW or 7 RUM, or the tried and true 7mm Rem Mag ?
Using Norma brass in my 270 WSM doughnuts show up in 3 firings, Win and Rem never a problem. My head spacing is a little long but when I tighten it up I may give Norma a try again.
A short-action is not my only option - just seems that a 160-180 vld in a 7WSM gives pretty good ballistics. I have a straight feed mag already (HS-Precision DM) that will work nicely. The 7RM would be 2nd ---- currently have no desire for the STW/RUM ---- have noticed that even if they do go faster, a lot of the vld bullets don't shoot as accurately at that higher speed.
Usually, necking up causes donught formation inside at bottom of the neck. If the base of your seated bullet will not touch the doughnut, its not an issue.
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