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    Jul 12, 2015
    Pale Brown Short Action, Small Firing Pin, weighs 17lbs with AMG, Spuhr, and Rails. I no longer have the time to shoot that I used too, so letting go of my SA. This one is an absolute hammer. I loaded up some rounds with 42.5 grains of H4350 to break in the barrel and see what it will do, the attached pics are of 5 rd groups except for the one large holed target which is the first 10 rds out of the rifle, with sight corrections annotated. All 5 rd groups have different seating depths, it’s not picky.

    I am a fan of bundling so shoot me an offer, I have thick skin so don’t hold back. However, I don’t need to sell.. just for situational awareness. I’m not looking for trades at this time. Thanks for looking.

    What’s included?

    SAC Chambered 25” 6.5 CM 1:8 Twist, Bartlein, MTU contour, Cerakoted Black 340 rds fired. (300 Prime)
    • SAP 2 rd holder
    • 1 10rd AW mag, Brown, 2 AW 10rd mags, black (3 AW mags total)
    • Hoptic Cheek rest
    • HRD 11” LA Arca Rail & RRS Arca Plates
    • PVA self timing Jet Blast
    • Factory plastic accessories
    • Original box from MHSA with Foam
    • Load data for 140 Bergers - sub 1/2 minute even when shot by a blind man
    Other things and options - not available separately until rifle sells