Dont' often see the .270 mentioned


Jan 5, 2004
Dont\' often see the .270 mentioned

as a long range hunting gun. Wondered why. Any inherent issues with this round that prevent it from being a good long range deer round?
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What's a 270??

There's a lot of previous posts about the cartridges we use and why the 270 isn't generally one of them.
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My grand pappy had one once...

The bullet selection is pitiful for a 270... however, there are some new one being made that may cut it... but that caliber may or may not become popular for LR hunting.. all depends on howmany guys decide to build a LR rig and test the new bullets for that caliber.
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Ok it's not often seen, But that's why I like mine. .270" caliber bullet selection is pretty slim pickins.
I use the 135gr MK, and recently picked up some 150gr Hornady SSTs. Though my rig has got a little more *** behind it than your typicle 270win/wby/wsm. To date I have yet to run across another 270x300 rum.
135mk @ 3700+fps w/5010 (3850fps w/wc872, but the powder doesn't like the Texas heat.)
150sst @ 3500+fps w/5010 (the SST has an advertised .525 BC) have yet to test it though. I've only fired 25 of them just to work up a load and check velocity.
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The .270 win is not seen as much for long range hunting simply because there isn't a large selection of premium bullets. The 7RM is basically a souped up .270 Win, but the selection of bullets is much better.

The .270 Win using 130 grain bullets makes a very nice deer rifle, about as flat as the 7RM using heavier bullets, and easier on the shoulder. My friend uses his on elk, but I don't recommend it.

Mark in Utah
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30-06 makes the 270win obsolete? That is a good one considering it was made from the 30 to fill a need for a more practical deer rifle. The 270 win is perfect for the average deer hunter who will likely shoot at 150 yards and might stretch out to 300, and can't compensate for trajectory well. It also has pretty good versatility for a one rifle man, as it can be loaded pretty light for varmints to heavy enough for close elk. It is marginal for long range deer, and the .25-06 or a hot 6.5 or 6mm are better for varmints, so it isn't something I would choose for these jobs. Now the .270 WSM is a little different story, but I'm not qualified to talk about it as I have never picked one up. I think it should be more useful for the long range role though.
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270win obsolete? I think not. I don't know where it stands now but not to long ago it was second from the top in sales. It may not be in the ballpark for longrange hunting but but for the average hunter it is very good. I use mine for deer up to 700y. With a little tighter groups I would go farther. As far as bullets go there are a few good ones. The 150g SST has a bc of .525. Not in the .7 range like the 240g smk 30 cal but not to bad for the ranges the gun is used for. All depends on how far you want to go.
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I did a little comparison. The 308 is talked about alot on this site. The 270 bullets that I listed have just as good bc's as the 308. At 700y the 270 is quite a bit better in speed, ft-lbs, and drop.
308 win-----------700y
mv- bullet- bc-- f/s-- ft-lbs- drop
2900 155mk .450 1626 910 -126
2700 168mk .462 1515 856 -147
2600 180mk .496 1511 913 -155
2500 190mk .533 1502 952 -164

270 win
3050 135mk .488 1817 990 -107
3100 130sst .460 1790 925 -107
3000 140sst .495 1795 1002 -111
2900 150sst .525 1780 1055 -117
If my # or my comparison is off, or you have a different view on this please post. I am always looking for others opinions.

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Now you've done it!!! You've questioned the worthiness of the mighty 308 Win and you've compared it to a 270 Win!!! That'll get some replies......

The 308 Win IMHO holds it's place as the "standard" Long range round due to it's long and illustrious history with the military and High Power shooters. The amount of data and the number of folks with years of "Long Range" experience with this round is probably quite staggering.

The 270 Win has about the same loyalty on the hunter side (maybe eclipsed by the 30-06 but no less than second I'd guess). Hunters have and are still reluctant to shoot much past the end of their muzzles and this does not do much to foster the 270 Win as a long range offering regardless of it's potential.

Direct comparison is a good tool but does not make one better than the other, but it does point out their differences for sure.

I'm sure their are a number of offerings of fine bullets for the .277 now and there will probably be more soon but this was not the case when many of us were starting this LR trek.

Sooooo I should "get to the point".... The 270 is good and there are fine bullets (?) for it now and more to come (perhaps). I have a great affection for the 308 Win and that's why I use it, it I have this same loyalty to the 270 Win I'd probably be using that. A "flat shooting cartridge" is not a significant requirement for my Long Range shooting style and that is the gist of many "comparisons".

Most of all... We (I) enjoy picking on the 270 shooters (it makes for a lively conversation during "slow" times).

Take Care
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I don't mind being picked on as a 270 lover. And I was hoping for a few good posts in responce to my comparison. The mighty "308" is a fine round, I was just trying to find out why you guys don't like the 270. Some coments are that there are no bullets for it. You need a bullet of 190g to beat the bc of the 150g SST 270 bullet. In a 308 the 190smk starts about 500f/s slower than the 270 150SST and never catches up. If a 270 and 308 would shoot with the same accuracy wouldn't the 270 be the one to take? If you want to be loyal to this round that's great. The 303 british has a long military history and I don't see to many loyal fans talking about it.

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I was at the gunstore the other day when I guy brough in a nice model 70 and tried to sell it. It was a .270, and the owner told him he wouldn't buy it because he couldn't give them away. The american gun nut is an interesting animal, easily influanced by the media I guess. Might just have to head back there and see what he means by giving them away.
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We are after accuracy as a rule so an accurate 270 would be a good choice. I can't really explain the lack of 270's currently in the LR arena.

For a strict comparison, the numbers you offer would certainly push some folks to the 270 over the 308 Win. I guess it's just the Match Shooters vs the Hunters that keep the 270 on the low end of use for the LR crowd... I have no real explanation that can be anything other than the 270 was just not popular at the time things got started.

The numbers you post are (just from memory and my thumb rule) a very near match for comparing a 308 Win to a 300 Win mag (~2/3's the drop of a 308 Win for the 300 Win Mag). This puts the 270 in the class of the mid-flat shooters, a good choice as a step up from the 308 Win (as I elect to see chambering choices). BC's drive the show as a rule once I'm beyond 500 yards, inside 500 yards even a red brick is sufficient for a good (reasonable) trajectory. It looks like the 270 would give a hunter (1000 ft/lb rule hunter to which I don't subscribe) about a 100 yard edge/extended range.

Just as an additional comparison, if you don't mind, run a 308 Win with a 175 Sierra (.507 BC at 2650fps), a 270 Win with a 150 SST (.525 BC at 2900fps), a 300 Win mag with a 190 SMK (.525 BC at 2940fps). Perhaps 500, 700 and 1000 yards.
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I own a 270 WSM in a Modle 70 Coyote. I shot it at Williamsport 1000 yrd bench club. The best I shot was 19 inches. The gun weighs 10.7 lbs. It's kinda heavy for a carry gun but it shoots 110 Vmaxes at 3220. 135 SMK at 3000 and 150 SST's at 2820. All of em Will hit the bank at 1000 yrds But I wouldn't try hitting a Ghog with it out there.
I was thinking about making a bench gun using that cartrage BUT not being made of money I decided on the 300 WSM and a 6.5x 284 instead.
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