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Even if you're a non believer, The Bible if the best life guide. Been mentoring a young man in hunting and shooting, he's13. Took him dove hunting the past two weekends. Finally got a bird after nearly three boxes of twenty gauges filling the air. He had never held a gun until three weeks ago. Next up 22LR, then the Grendel. Deer is on the menu. But I've been filling his ears on how to be a man and what it means to treat others as you wish to be treated by them. Asked him if he knew what life was Saturday, he thought and said, me. I'm life. I smiled at him and said no, like is what is happening when you put down your cell phone and interact with the people around you. This was a state sponsored youth dove hunt, and there were 38 other young boys and girls there. He saw the social interaction with a big group of mostly strangers for the first time. Kids just started playing with other kids they had never met before while the G and F folks put on lunch and gave away a lifetime hunting license to one lucky kid. I'm working on a kid who has a steaming pile of you know what for a father. His adopted father is a great guy, just not a hunter. And this kid wants to hunt. I'm old but I've got a few years to work with him.