Does Hornady make there own Nickel Plated Brass?

Stan Malinky

Active Member
Jan 15, 2019
Orangevale, CA
Neighbor would like to get into reloading so I am helping him get started. He recently purchased a Hells Canyon 300 WSM. I have the older model TI Mountain version in 300 WSM. He had purchased 2 boxes of Hornady Outfitter and they are Nickel Plated. He sighted the gun in and brought the hulls over to start the reloading process. I showed him my once fired, (fire formed) brass prep check list and we started and finished the brass prep. I had him prime all of the cases and after he finished the task I noticed the primer were sitting to high. I placed one back in the Hand priming tool and confirmed they were seated properly. After checking the remaining brass hulls the primers were high on more than 90%.

Does anybody know if Hornady makes their own Nickel Plated Brass? If not who makes it?

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