Does anyone shoot a HS precision 338 lap


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Jul 15, 2009
Hi i have found a hs precision htr in 338 lap at a reasonable price, it has an impressive factory target,i would like to know if anyone has had any experience with these rifles(htr 338 lapua) good or bad.I already have a rem mlr in 338 lap but have been advised not to build on this action.Are the pro series h.s actions much stronger than a rem 700?I would really like to build a custom rig but the cost of parts downunder is a joke, an A5 stock and bottom metal is over $2000 same goes for a decent action(stiller or barnard,etc) so its $4000 and thats without barrel,trigger,m-brake,bedding,etc.This rifle seems like a good upgrade to me or am i wrong?Any help would be appreciated.
I have never owned one of these rifles but I have had two of them in the shop because of accuracy problems. These were however the "Break Down" model. The customers brought them to me to try to get them to shoot better then they were getting with their best handloads.

Best we could get was 1 to 1 1/4 moa with best loads, very frustrating and even more so for customers who spent well over $4000 for these rifles.

I called HS and asked them if this was acceptable accuracy. Remember I said 1 to 1 1/4 moa was the best groups we got, average was more like 1 3/4 moa. Their response was that they do not offer any accuracy garantee for any rifle chambered in a round larger then 30 cal.

Their comment was that most could not shoot rifles of this size well enough to shoot better then 1.5 moa. I commented that we were shooting enough 1/2 moa groups at 1000 yards with the 338 AM and 375 AM that we knew how to shoot.

They simply apologized and said that the rifles met their accuracy standards.

Now this was one person at the front desk so I am not saying everyone at HS feels this way.

I will also remind you these were take down rifles. The conventional rifles would likely shoot better but they are not covered with any accuracy garantee if over 30 cal either. Tells you a bit in my opinion.

Not saying you would not get a good rifle but if it does not shoot well, they likely will tell you they do not offer any accuracy garantee for the 338 Lapua rifles.

Just be aware of that going in with your eyes open.
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