Does anyone know....


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Dec 25, 2006
Where to get one of these rear stock bags that is on this rig? Stuff/308SHORTBARREL.jpg

You can search Military Black Rifle Butt Stock Shell Holder or Tactical Butt Stock SNIPER Rifle Ammo Cheek Rest on the web. They range from $15-$30. I have them on all my rifles that dont have adjustable cheekrest
The one posted looks like an Eagle stock pack. I know Triad Tactical sells them and one of their own design as well.
Cruizin: I recently purchased several stock pads from Triad tactical. Very well made, and they offer different models. Either, with, or, without shell loops, & pockets. Plenty of adjustability with the velcro straps. I'm very happy with the ones I got, Idaho5r
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