Does anybody here have experience with Savvy Survivor products?


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Jan 22, 2006
Gordonsville, VA
I was wondering if any of you out there might have had experience dealing with Savvy Survivor products ( Savvy Survivor ).

That is, regarding quality, construction, value for cost ("best bang for the buck", if you will), and that sort of thing.

I'm interested in their HAZ-MAT combination drag bag-and-shooting mat. The rifle I have is just shy of 5 feet long (58 inches from recoil pad to muzzle), 12 inches heel-to-toe on the buttstock (which measures approximately 8 inches deep across the cheekpiece at its widest point), and approximately 10 inches deep through the receiver area (from the bottom of the fore-end to the top of the telescopic sight's windage turret).

Their website claims that the HAZ-MAT setup will accept a fully assembled Barrett M-82A1 with a telescopic sight attached, but I don't want to shell out almost $300 for a case that might not fit.

The cleaning rod is also a consideration. The HAZ-MAT has a centerline cleaning rod pouch running the full length of the case, but it needs to be approximately 41 or 42 inches long minimum--my rifle came with a one-piece cleaning rod that has a shaft the same length as the barrel (36"), plus another inch or two for the tip (which is detachable), and another five inches or so for the handle (which is not). I also need room for the cleaning rod guide, and cleaning accessories (which I suppose can be carried in an accessory pouch), as could the ammunition, but that isn't critical. I already have a carrier for that, although it's rather bulky--essentially, it's a big wooden box.

I've tried the "direct" approach, but they haven't responded to my E-mails, nor have they returned my telephone calls.

(I already have a case ATM--a D&S Enterprises soft case made for .50-BMG-caliber bolt-actions--but it's a tight fit, due to my rifle's stock design. There's no room for accessories, as there is in the Savvy Survivor case. In addition, there's no shoulder strap, and moving a 40-plus-pound rifle that's almost 5 feet long with only the standard twin-carry-handle arrangement isn't easy.)

Whatever information that anyone can provide will be appreciated.

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