do muzzle brakes effect accuracy?

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
I am currently looking to pick up either a 300rum or 338 rum sendero. will put it in a heavy stock for long range target shooting. may consider putting on a muzzle brake (OPS, VAISS). does adding a brake effect the accuracy?
Any time you amke any change to a barrel wether it be lenght adding or subtracting weight your going to have an impact on accuracy due to the change of barrel harmonics.
I had a 340Wby that shot great with a load I worked up but it kicked like a mule , had a Vias brake instaled , accuracy went to the bucket. I asked the smith about it he said to tinker with the load a little. I added 2grs and the groups went back to normal.

Over all I say that the accuracy improved because the recoil was cut way down and I'm not preoccupied with getting smacked in the shoulder as hard.

I had got a JP brake and put it on one time to see if their was any real differance in recoil reduction , the JP works a hell of alot better , but its ALOT louder and realy ugly , works good though , but I stuck with the Vias.
I had a Sendero S/F .300RUM that I got used. Put a brake on, and didnt notice any difference in accuracy. I did notice alot of difference in recoil reduction though.

It's a great factory rifle. I would encourage you to get a trigger job if it's factory. The brake is optional. But, it made my rifle better.,sakofan..
what type of brake did you put on the sendero. by the way....I just picked up my sendero in 300 rum today. yeeha, on my way. also ordered a 6.5-20 50mm long range target mil dot silver from Premier. I am thinking of trying the choate ultimate sniper stock. I will add a bunch of lead in the stock for added weight. should work nice. I handled a savage varmint with the ultimate varmint version. was big, heavy, and found it to be very comfortable. would like a mcmillan but just can't see the $500 for the stock. will be shooting the 190gr SMK. hope this all works well.
sounds like a great setup! tell me how you like the Chaote stock .... I may get me one if I buy the Savage. I've got a BOSS on my 300wm, and a KDF on a 308w, a Serbu on the 50bmg. I like using brakes ... and hearing protection. It helps me shoot better!
The 308win, would not have been braked but I set it up for my son when he was 11 yrs old. Now at 17 he shoots everything and VERY accurately.
i may be wrong but the things ive seen about muzzle brakes is that if its not done right like a crown job,if the dosnt let muzzle blast leave the same on all sides of the bullet the pressure change can through the bullet off like a chamber or throat not centerd to bore. and also id think if you dont have pressure releaf hole the same on opposite side it could hirt accurasy.
i had the jp on a 300 win mag with a complete leight of 15'' and it does the job and it was so noisy too. id like to try magnaporting
Affect accuracy? Yes - especially if you had a case of recoilitis.
I have a couple guns with muzzlebrakes put on by Kevin Knight at Sure does tame down a gun. He also crowns the brake and fixes any problems with crowns on the barrel so it can make it better.
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