Difference in custom guns....


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May 3, 2010
Central Ohio
My .02 on customs.
I have had factory rifles that with minimal tuning (mostly trigger work and bedding) and proper load development will shoot fantastic.
There are (sure many here who would agree) some factory rifles will never shoot good no matter what you do.
I finally got to the point in life where I could have customs built. The thing about a custom is having it put together the way you want with the components you want for the purpose you intend ( bench rest, long range, ultra light, etc.)
Looking at the customs I have had built they have the barrels/twist for the bullet/caliber for intended shooting/hunting purpose. I am a believer in quality barrels, triggers. I think putting 2500-3000 in a custom is worth it for what you get.
Seen guys buy a factory rifle and drop a lot of money into working them over and still not be happy with performance, when totaled up the cost have as much as a custom.


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Dec 29, 2010
PG, Utah
Guns are like many things, golf, cars, bows and the list goes on and on. We want to have the best we can afford. I love my custom rifles, I have factory rifles that can shoot nearly as well for a fraction of the cost and weight. I love the clean break of a quality trigger and the smoothness of a well built action and a well tuned load built for the cartridge of my choosing. Now as for great optics, where do you begin other than to say you don't put nice rims on a honda civic regardless of how great a civic is. If you love your gun and it shoos well, then it is a great gun.
Now why do they cost so much? These are hand built one at a time by master craftsman to exacting specifications and not on an assembly line by computers and labours. For their craftsmanship and quality alone they are worth every penny.

If you think long range rifles are pricey try getting into shotguns.

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
If you think long range rifles are pricey try getting into shotguns.[/QUOTE]

+1 To that.

A while back I worked a trade and some smithing to get a Very High End Shotgun.

It Was a Krieghoff and I just had to have it. It had a $12,000.00 receiver,an $8,000.00
piece of wood on it, $5,000.00 barrel set, It came with two of everything, 4 hammers and springs
for dependability, fully adjustable length of pull, a fully adjustable trigger (I had never seen one
on a shotgun before) the trigger was even adjustable for different size hands. And even the trigger
guard had 24 carrot gold and cost $1200.00.

Needless to say It was beautiful . So much so I was afraid to use it.

Would it out shoot some of the other shotguns I have? Not in my hands.

So I settled for a mire $2,000.00 shot gun that is not a safe queen and replaceable if it was stolen.

The point is, there is a lot of difference in what one needs and what one wants or can afford, so
most take the middle ground and are happy.

It is all just a matter of opinion anyway.



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Apr 4, 2012
springdale arkansas
Hopefully THIS FRIDAY I will be able to find out the difference in factor vs custon finally going to shoot the 300wsm Mcwhorter after doing some reload testing.gun)


Feb 15, 2013
I prefer a custom vs. factory because its offer a personal chose and give you exactly you want, here we speaking most of US made LR rifles, so that's why one of the posts come in to custom shotguns.

Anyhow, this two rifles "photo" is from different custom builders with different actions/barrels etc.. but they nearly looks the same, shoot fantastic in 7 mm rem.mag 0,25-0,40 MOA (every time in good weather conditions).

Both of them are made in Sweden, VO Rifle and the Other one is based on Varberger action, high grade European walnut etc..

Yes.. they are expensive special the VO rifle, but I prefer to put the money on a rifle instead of a car so its a way of priority I guess and its for sure a better investment than a car that lose 20-30 % per year...:)

This rifles have growing in price with approximately 10 % / year and they start to be 10 years old.

Cheers, M


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Dec 8, 2009
Lots of good post here. This sites classifieds has some of the best selection of used customs.If you are patient you can usually find what you want for a real good deal as peoples needs change.I have bought full customs on here that where everything I would order with less than 100 rnds that where a great deal and shooters


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