Difference between Nosler Accubond vs Nosler Accubond LR


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Feb 20, 2020
What is better for hunting elk between 150 and 400 yards, accubond 160 grain vs accubond long range 168 grain? Shooting 7mm rem mag, thanks again!
It seems from the research I have done that the regular Accubonds are easier to achieve accuracy with and more rifles shoot them accurately. Inside 500 yds, there really is no reason to shoot the ABLR Imo.
I shoot game to over 600 with the standard accubond and am very pleased with the terminal performance. The ABLR is designed to open at slower fps at the target, but if you are maintaining 1800 fps the standard version shouldn't leave you wanting... which is easily done ith the 7 mag. Additionally, you COULD experience poorer performance with the ABLR at close distance due to the bullet being designed to upset at a slower velocity.
I handload Accubonds for three .284 rifles and all kill with authority and shoot 1/2" groups.
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Another vote for the AB. Never had one that i couldn't get to shoot accurately. The ABLR has been more of a hit or miss adventure for me. Some have been extremely accurate in some of my rifles, while I have failed to get others to group MOA in other rifles.
Early fall started playing with 140gr 6.5 AB in my 264 mag 1/9 twist. 26" bbl at 3222 fps. Excellent accuracy ( sub 1/2" ) & flat trajectory out to my 522 yd target. Extremely satisfied with accuracy & trajectory. Seated .020 off lands. Used a Hammer mono to take my elk this last season so can't comment on it's performance on game. But for sure accurate.
I have been shooting 140 gr. Accubonds out of my .280s with great results. I decided to try some 160 gr. Accubonds today, so I loaded up some with IMR 7828ssc. I think my two .280s are liking them. I didn' adjust seating depth, just shot what I loaded at 20 thousandths off the lands since the 140s like that. 57.5 gr., 57.8 and 58 grains 7828ssc. I got an ES of 5 with ten rounds, so pretty happy there. Unfortunately, I only achieved 2925 avg with 58 grains of the 7828... was hoping for 3010 like others have achieved. 46 degrees at 912 ft. After a few fps shots with the magnetospeed, I decided to try some five shot groups. Pleased for the first loads I tried in the 160s. Both rifles are Browning X-Bolts with 26" barrels.(SHOT show specials).
What is better for hunting elk between 150 and 400 yards, accubond 160 grain vs accubond long range 168 grain? Shooting 7mm rem mag, thanks again!
The ABLR is a very soft bullet. Long range is the only place you can use them. Real long range. I cannot understand why no one can make a one size fits all. Federal with the TLR does it but nosler seems challenged. Maybe so they can sell more bullets. If I were you I would order a box of the federal edge TLR and see if your gun likes them. Solid shanked bonded. The only experience I have with the ABLR is the 150 in a 7. Standard 280 at 3000. A little whitetail spike at 200 yards. Rib shot and did not get to the ribs on the far side. REALLY? I will never use another. I assumed that in the little 7,s such as an 08 or a 280 it would be good. I was very disappointed. Even the standard accubond is too soft as far as I am concerned. If you insist on using nosler use the 160 partition. That my friend is a real killer.

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