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Sep 29, 2008
Fayetteville, AR
I have several sets of dies that I would like to sell, if you have questions let me know

Bonanza 280 Rem FL die only, $15

C-H 30-06 FL Die Set, $5

Hornady 17 Rem FL Die Set-544200 VG Condition, $15
Hornady Neck Die Only, 30 Cal, VG Condition, $8

Lyman 30 Mauser, FL Die Set, $5

RCBS 222 Rem FL Die Set-10901 G condition, $15
RCBS 222 Rem FL Die Set-10901 VG condition, $18 SPF's to JMack
RCBS 220 Swift Neck Die Only-10730 VG condition, $10
RCBS 6mm Rem Seater Die Only, VG condition, $10
RCBS 25-06 FL Die Set-12001 VG condition, $18 SPF's to snookntarpon
RCBS 270 Win FL Die Set-13501 VG condition, $18

RCBS 25-308 FL Die Set, VG condidtion, $90
RCBS 30-40 Craig AI FL Die Set-56310, VG condidtion, $75

RCBS 32-20 3 Die Set, FL, Expander, Seater-18105, VG Condition, $50
RCBS 45 Auto, Carbide, 3 die set-18915, VG Condition, $40

Redding 270 WSM 2 die set, 80255, VG condition, $40
Redding 220 Swift 3 Die Set, VG Condition, $80
Redding 7mm BR 3 Die Set-84241 VG Condition, $80

PTG 25-300 WSM Piloted Reamer, $125
Redding 7mm Dakota FL Die Set-80838, VG Condition and
19 Rds of 7mm Dakota Brass and Clymer 7mm Dakota Piloted Reamer, $275
Both sets were bought for projects that never happened

Wilson 218 Bee, Neck and Seater Dies, $75

If you want pictures PM me your phone number and I'll text them to you

All die sets are plus shipping
Shipping will be all USPS Flat Rate
$8 for one set, $15 for two or more

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