Defensive Edge Cheek Piece

Joaquin B

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Sep 10, 2009
Oro Valley, Arizona
While surfing this website, I became interested in the Defensive Edge cheek piece marketed here, for my 2010 rifle project.

Before committing to purchasing one, I would like to ask my fellow forum members for their opinions on the product, and if possible, to provide me with some information on the following:
a) Will this product fit on McMillan General Purpose Hunting (M40) and Tikka M595 synthetic stocks?
b) Does installation require the services of a competent gunsmith?
c) Any satisfied or dissatisfied users out there?

Thank you very much in advance,

Joaquin B.
I bought one from Len . I put it on my Tikka 595 . I like it . it goes on the Tikka easy . the Tikka factory stock is hollow where you need to drill . so I drilled in from both sides with a small bit . then after I checked the alignment of the holes I drilled the big holes . it comes with directions . you should have no problems . Jim
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