Defensive edge 2010 class dates

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho

Here are the class dates for 2010.



For more info email or call me [email protected] or 208-687-2659.
All class info is posted on our site just click the classes button then click on the class you need. Here is the nutshell on the basic class.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=+2]LRH Basic Class[/SIZE][/FONT]
Location: Coeur D’Alene Id. First day is held at the Fernan Rod & Gun Club range near Fernan Lake (see map)

Times: Class starts promptly at 08:00 hrs please arrive early enough to unload gear and setup. Class will finish at 17:00 hrs each day. Requirements: Equipment requirements are pretty simple below is a list of have to have other gear (spotting scopes etc.) if you already have it bring it.

Must have:• Rifle capable of 1 moa accuracy (1” or less at 100 yards consistently)
• Rifle that is comfortable enough to shoot 70-80 rounds a day through.
• Scope with consistent repeatable target knobs. If it also has a ballistic reticule that is OK. I recommend click values of ¼ moa or coarser. I highly recommend against 1/8 moa clicks.
• 150+ rounds of ammunition you intend to hunt with. Do not show with a practice ammo and intend to hunt with different ammo.
• Eye & ear protection
• Rear bag / bipod or front and rear bags for known range day and bipod light weight rear bag or backpack etc to shoot over/off of on field day.
• Lunch and fluid for each day. Class Content: The following subjects will be covered in the class:
• Equipment
• Minute of angle
• Ballistics
• Trajectory
• Wind
• Up/downhill shooting
• Drop charts
• Testing
• Field shooting
• Terminal ballistics
• How to practice
• Hunting applicationTuition: $400.00Notes: On Field day bring any personal gear you may need there are no facilities of any kind on day 2. If you think you might need it bring it with you.
I took this class last year and it was my introduction into LR shooting. This is a great class. Shawn and his dad have a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of getting into this sport.

On the first day we were hitting targets out to 900 or so yards.

I'm not affiliated with Defensive Edge. Just a very satisfied student.
You can get through the class with a 308 or 260 Rem and will learn alot but you will be happier with something geared a little more toward long range hunting. I recommend you go to LRH rifle as long as it meets our requirements.
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