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Apr 5, 2008
Central ND
This is from a friend whos land I hunt with. 10 years of planting trees, fixing fence, and making the land a wildlife mecca has paid off.


any guess how big he is? He will be safe where he is at though, no hunting in the yard!!!!!

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The width of his rack is impressive.
Congrats to the quality management, for sure has paid off.
I wouldnt care if that buck is in my yard, for sure he is a shooter, even if he lived in my living room I would shoot it.:D
real nice deer, tough to tell what he will score until he sheds , he looks young in the picture, maybe 3-4 yr old i would watch him for a year or two and see if he improves, then take him before the rut starts and his antlers get all broken up, just my 2 cents worth.right now i would gess him at 175- 180 really cant tell,:D
Sorry, I have pictures of him last year and out of velvet and can't get them to download some error.

The funny thing is we had such a bad winter(middle of may went to fix fence and it was still under snow in the draws) the Game and Fish Biologists said if we have any 120 class bucks in the area we would be lucky. I guess spending a day cleaning a trail back to the area the deer and pheasant were at to dump off some grain for them paid off. Our state is a sleeper state for big whitetails. We have out west some nice mulies also. I just wish we would have more elk and moose.<=once in a lifetime license(and it takes that long to get drawn). I hope you enjoyed the photo I will try to get the others posted.

ive been trying to post some trail cam pictures for some time , and have read and re read the instructions many times , theres got to be another way . to do this?????????this way sucks
Sorry Gunner1 I missed your post. I usually upload to photobucket and then just right click and copy and paste them to the other screen it works great for me. I am having a problem getting them off my email accounts though it depends on what software they have and attach to doc with.

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