Deer call for aoudad


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Dec 24, 2010
I had an interesting experience this week. I was helping a new hunter find a ram. After sunset, I spotted a nice ram at 233 yards. My buddy with the tag was about 30 yards away, and looking the other way. The ram was looking right at me. My buddy didn't have his radio with him or his shooting sticks (a new hunter). I whistled to get his attention. The ram was standing still and stomping his front feet. I thought he was getting nervous and used my deer call (made by ELK). The ram immediately started walking towards us. My buddy claimed he could hit out to 500 yards, but took five shots to finish the ram. I don't think he'll forget his shooting sticks again. I've used the deer call with great success on deer, and even with elk to calm them. I'd never tried it on aoudad before. I'll be trying it again in the future.


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