Deep Freeze Questions

This sounds crazy, however, try using charcoal to absorb the smell! This does work for absorbing odors! I would take a large flat container and fill with charcoal and place in the freezer. Or if you have empty gallon milk jugs, cut them in half and fill them with the charcoal! The more the better!
I apologize if this is not the proper place to put this, but I have a couple questions

First, last summer my deep freezer was was in our garage and the breaker flipped, twice. I did not discover it the second time until it was too late, and most of the meat had gone bad. The smell, is awful. I scrubbed the unit clean with some 409, and moved it indoors flipped it back on and stuck a baking soda freshener inside of it, this has not resolved the foul odor........?

Re-live the seen of the CRIME!!!! i.e. is it possible that the odor is on the outside/underneath cause some of the juice ran down and got on the lint / fire starter on the coil you did the first clean out?
Think about it. If it is a vertical freezer like mine there is a hole in the bottom with a plug in it.
Just trying to think out side the box.................pun intended! {:>)

OH. Good luck.
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