Dedicated Licenses For Guides With Out-Of-State Hunters “Dead In The Water,” Says Legislator


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Jun 14, 2008
well personally I don;t think a guide is needed on many places
but I do sort of feel i places with high numbers of dangerous and protected species, like grizzlies or even maybe Wolves, having a guide that knows the rules and area, might be a safety thing for one to consider when going on a hunt in such places!
not to mention it could also UP the odds for the hunter, if they got a GOOD guide

that said, I have have not used a guide on any hunt unless legally required too, I have always enjoyed the challenges of a DIY hunt in a new to me place! but I would also maybe fall into a category of more advanced hunters due to efforts I put into learning how to be and decades of hunts all over!
we all don;'t have the same skill sets, so one should maybe use common sense and be honest about one's skills(leave the ego in the closet) before going without a guide in some places!
and last, HAHA< as I am getting older now and bad back, knee's and ??? I might consider a guide more these days than when younger and healthier, just to be used in the recovery side of things, , nothing like a a younger good strong back to haul meat out!