De-scenting new burlap


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Dec 5, 2004
Abilene, TX
I'm in the process of remaking my ghillie suit and the stuff I bought has a petrolium distillant smell to it. Any tips for getting that smell out?
Have you tried any of the commercial "scent blocker" products yet? You may also want to try putting it in a garbage bag with some charcoal to absorb the scent. Just don't use the match light stuff, it stinks worse than the burlap.
well my assumption was that water-based scent blockers aren't goint to do much to a petroleum based product. My best guess as of yet is drag it around the grass and dirt till it's covered
Well seeing that you in texas place it in plastic bag and throw in some sage brush for a while..
The other alternative is arm and hammer baking soda.. this stuff sucks up odors like ex-wives suck up alimony..

If you are in a area that has pine trees use gum spirits of turpintine this stuff will make you smell just like a fresh skint pine tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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