DE 338 EDGE @ 550 yards.. Smack ! Oooouch !

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May 10, 2007
The hunting year in Aus has just about wrapped up, but I have been working a local group of sambar for the last 5 weeks.. Tonite it came together.

Sneaking into position at 7 pm things had been quiet until just after 8 when a hind walked into view from behind me. Scanning back , I couldn't see anything else following so I kept looking.

Ten minutes later I saw all tha kangaroos put their heads up and a chorus of crows start up. Looking back I saw something amazing.. This mature stag trotting down the hill with 4 crows harassing him. The stag was swinging his antlers at the birds and bristled up.. Obviously annoyed..

Down the hill he came at a fast walk so I dialled in the conditions.

28.66 BP
77 deg
67 % RH

.98 downhill COS

Up 9.25 minutes with no wind I settled in and waited another 7- 8 minutes for the deer to get broadside. With little light left he came broadside.. Then I said quietly " Send It " ! ( very SC like !!) Boooom whoooosh ! SMACK !!! Perfect right on the point of the shoulder and he goes down like a lightening bolt !!

Very happy indeed !


[A nice solid head with massive bases.

The 300 SMK just smashed through the shoulder blades throwing bones and creating a huge wound channel typical of what I have seen on past kills. The bullet was under the skin on the offside shoulder.


A massive long deer indeed .

What I had was a huge Sambar stag with a heavy 26 " head with great bases and mass.

A very nice way to finish the year.

Go the EDGE !

Congrats DUH! That's a great wrap up to your season. So what's the deal with kangaroos? Do you guys shoot them? I can't recall having seen any threads about roo shoots?

Cheers, & congrats again!
Congratulations. Nice buck, boy they are big!!!
We can see you are enjoying your 338 Edge a lot. Great story, good to know you end up your season so good.
Enjoyed reading.
+1 with Slopeshunter questions: do you guys shoot kangaroos?
Awesome looking Edge and nice shot. I've never even heard of a Sambar, what do you suppose that thing weighed?

I'd say around 600 lb ? Believe it or not he was a little light in condition for a big stag in the spring. They sure can take a well placed bullet... shake their head and walk it off !

Their shoulders are made of kevlar !

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