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Mar 3, 2019
I have used the search function and didn't find anything that wasn't at least a few years old. Anyway, as the title says I am looking for a daypack.

I am going on a backcountry bear hunt this fall (was originally planning next spring but thats another story). The pack could be on my back the entire trip or strapped to a horse. I need something to hold my clothes, some extra ammo, headlamps, lunch and some emergency gear. I am 6'8" and 250#. I have no idea if I need something with an internal frame, no frame or whatever. Was hoping some of you could chime in. Also, It would be great if it would fit as my carry on bag on my flight.
Are you using stock to get the meat out or would you hall it using the pack, or split the weight?

Is this for actual day use, or you making camp?
If it is JUST to be used as a day pack and nothing else, then I would use anything that you already have or suites your fancy. Lots of choices out there that can be inexpensive.
Go Exo and never worry about a pack again even there big bags can be turned into a day pack check out there videos on YouTube you wont be disappointed
This is one of the few areas where you can support US companies if you’re into that. Here’s some good ones.

There is a list on here somewhere that Len Backus put on here that covers the subject very well....
Depends how light a guy can pack.

I have a couple of frame packs, but they can get hung up on vegetation, even though they scrunch down really small with compression straps.

When I can keep my daypack under 20lbs or so, I often use something like a

Maxpedition Kodiak

@Wildstreak mentions hunting from horseback, and one of the best features I appreciate most about the sling bags is being able to bring the pack in front of me and access all pockets HANDSFREE without taking it off.

I know they don't work for everyone, but they work great for me.

The other suggestion I'll offer is a chest worn bino pack. With a couple of accessories, access to the day pack becomes less critical.

marsupial chest harness
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My day pack is a exo 2000.It basically expands out to 2950,that might be with lid.Most times I run no lid, meat haul between pack and frame so you can always get a load out.I can make it for a bit weekend with it alsoIMG_3728.jpeg