Daughters first tag


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May 31, 2001
Casper Wy
We drew first choice tags this year63-2. Hopping to get the daughter her first antelope. Goofy year for me as there is also a 22 elk tag and a gen deer tag, my antelope tag may sit empty….. unless I find another freek


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Spent Saturday out scouting west of Parhfinder. Nothing good to report, 4 buck and 2 of them didn’t clear their ears and 4 fawns. Hopefully it was just the weather and we find more when they herd up. At this point I’m looking at tag soup on purpose.
Well that didn’t take long, couple of busted stalks and a few miles later she filled her tag with a Mr not so bad at 325yards and the Grendel shooting 123 elds
Critter count was more then expected except for fawns. We saw more elk and full curl rams(14 right at dark out in the prairie) than antelope fawns. 5 coyotes, all past 500 yards and MOVING, two bobcats and no Mr no shoulders
Sweet. The Grendel is a cool little round. Fixing to drag mine out for a buddies grand daughter.