Daughters deer (video)


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Apr 16, 2010
This was my 17 year old daughters CO buck. She used my 6.5 SST built by Ty Shaw at Flatline Precision. Used a 143 grain ELDX at 2930 fps. 715 yards, no wind and dad forgot to add a bit of spin drift but she flattened him. It looks like she got scope bit but that was a cheerleading sign to the face from her sister that morning.

Scored 170” on the dot.

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Watching the bullet trace TOF, I knew it was a longer shot before seeing the 700yds, :)

I've switched my POI on critters to higher placement in hopes of CNS disruption like this. Tracking is for amateurs. LOL
Thanks for sharing.

Her giggling in the background shows the enjoyment and you can rewatch it forever!
I love it! She crushed that buck like he was shot with a howitzer. Congratulations to the young lady! I love to see the kids get involved in this sport we all love so much, the future looks bright. Good job Dad!!