Dan Wesson dwx


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Feb 1, 2015
I am looking for carry gun but only care for the 1911 trigger but want more round capacity than a single stack mag. I saw the dwx and I am wondering if any of you have experience with the gun and what you think because I am going to have to order it no gun stores near me have 1 to get my hands on. Is the gun worth 2000 . Thanks
Is this Wilson set up for optics
You can get it either way. This handgun makes me appear to be an expert shot because it is so accurate. The test target that was sent with the gun showed three shots in a ragged hole at 15 yards…and the trigger is soooooo sweet. Like I said “expensive though”
Before you settle on a Wesson look at Cosaint! I have both and the Cosaint is nicer they offer double stack too.
Which DWX do you have? I don't believe the compact has even been made yet.
It's made now.....




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