damaged sling stud recess


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Jul 17, 2001
Walla Walla, WA
I damaged the sling swivel stud recess on the stock of my 300 Win Mag some time back. I had attached the Hart Accuracy Asset and it got loose and the stud damaged the epoxy of the stock. I used JB Weld to secure the stud but it is not in there quite straight. Normally it is not a problem. When big game hunting I normally use my Kramer Snipepod bipods which swivel/pivot. Recently though I attached a non-swivel Harris bench model bipod to see if I could shoot good groups with that and I noticed that the misaligned stud caused the rifle to be severely canted. So I had to extend one leg more than the other. I wonder if that would cause fliers due to not recoiling straight back but rather rocking off the higher leg. Do you have any thoughts on this? Rufous.

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Never had a situation like this come up.

I know that if I shoot from an incline (side hill, shooting across the side, not up or down) my rounds will print differently and this situation has one bipod leg longer than the other. But when the rifle is on level ground and the bipod is attached off-center I'm not real sure what will happen. I'd venture a guess that the rounds will print toward the side with the shorter leg as the rifles' center of gravity is shifted toward the longer leg side rather than being directly below the rifle. (I'm more of a hand's on experimenter than theorist so I'd shoot it and find out first hand. Let us know of course.)



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