Dad and I got our first Antelope


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Feb 3, 2011
N. Texas and S. Africa
My first, and only Antelope hunt was a terrible learning lesson for me. The 270 Weatherby Mag was loaded with Mule deer bullets when we came upon the antelope. Pre range finder days of 1980., about 150 yards. I hit the poor creature 4 times with the 150 grain bullets as he ran. When he turned, I saw the 4 blood trails through the scope, running down his side. I was making holes, with little to no bullet expansion. I learned right then, that small soft skinned animals should not be shot with tough bullets meant for bigger animals . I have never forgotten that experience of my first Wyo. Mule Deer and Antelope hunt. Nice antelope, but an important Hunting lesson.
That isn't at all unusual with Pronghorn. Unless you spine them or break the shoulders, they don't like to go down easy.

Strangely enough the most drop dead right there kills I ever had on them were with the 220 Swift and 25-06. In all fairness though I was probably a little keener on shot placement with them.

Lenny Foffa

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Mar 6, 2017
From that experience came the use of 130 Grn Nosler ballistic Tip bullets for the 270 win. ! Many one shot kills !! Very explosive ,no exit hole ! No tracking . I have been completely pleased with the performance of that bullet on.whitetails for several years! I will use it this year on three whitetail hunts in both the 270 Weatherby mag at 3300 fps. And also in the 270 win at 3000 fos . It’s perfect for what I do , and I would feel confident to use it on Antelope,too.