SOLD/EXPIRED CZ Model 3 and Bushmaster Varminter


Dec 21, 2009
I have two rifles I'd like to sell. The first is a CZ Model 3 chambered in .270 WSM. This is a relatively rare rifle and it is not actually a CZ. The barrel and action are made by Montana Rifle Company, which is a semi-custom rifle builder. CZ just put the stock on it. The action is essentially a Winchester Model 70. The rifle is blued steel and it comes with Leupold 1" rings and bases. This was a gift and I shot it only one time. I put somewhere between 7-10 rounds down the barrel. It shoots just fine, but I don't need it. I estimate that it is worth $750. I'd like to get $700 for it. I'll throw in half a box of Federal Premium rounds loaded with 130 gr. TSX.



The second rifle is a Bushmaster Varminter. Obviously this is an AR-15. I recently purchased a different AR so I don't need this one anymore. I estimate that I've put somewhere between 100 to 150 rounds down the barrel. There's not a scratch on it. AbleAmmo is selling them for $1210. I'd like to get $900 for it. It has a Harris bipod attached that can be purchased as well. The bipod is the 6-9" model with swivel and notched legs. This is the good one. SWFA is selling it for $94. I'd take $75 for it.

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