Cutting on a diaphram- HELP!


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Jan 7, 2010
Central Maine
First let me say that I am not a beginner to the sport or to using a diaphram call but I'M GETTING FRUSTRATED!

I recently made the decision to take my calling to the next step and MAYBE enter a calling contest in my home state. The thing is, after a year and a dozen different calls, I can't get my cutting to "pop" the way I know a hen sounds in the wild. Everything comes out like, well, like a cluck that's trying desperatley to sound like a cut but not quite getting there:D

I'm reaching out hoping someone else has had the same problem and can provide some pointers etc. to help get me there. The one thing I haven't done is tape myself and play it back...I guess it's possible I'm hitting it dead nuts on and just not "hearing it"...but I don't think so:cool:



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Sep 5, 2008
Northeast PA
I may not be helping much, but I do know a little bit about turkey calling and hunting, I've helped out at several turkey calling contests, my dad judges, and my best friend competes (He won in NJ, 4th in PA, and 2nd in MA; this year). I guess I just don't have the competitive need in me for calling lol. I do call when hunting, practicing, etc. though.

Your call should be at least a double reed, preferably a triple or quad reed. The top reed should have (on the left or right side, usually right) a relatively shallow U or V type cut that goes from the edge of the call almost to the center. There also should be a diagonal cut going from the top inside edge of the U cut about 1/8" to 1/4" toward the center of the reeds. Like the top left call.

Also try rolling your tongue forward a little while directing air forcibly over the call with a "CHA" or "CH" sound, or movement.

My buddy who calls, makes some custom calls, which is where I get most of mine. But I also know someone else who makes custom calls, who I used to buy from before my buddy started making them, and he charges up to $14 for a diaphragm. He has some pretty awesome sounding custom reed cuts though.

Don't know if this helps at all, I know it's pretty long winded lol. Good luck.
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