Cutting Edge Bullets new 50 BMG bullets!!!

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    Aug 7, 2010
    I had the opportunity to test theses bullets and i can tell you that they are the best bullet for the 50 cal. on the market today. The best thing about the bullet is that, it was designed to be a bore rider and is to be shot in a standard chamber. I do not make anything from this. i just want to tell you guys that they are awesome. I have shot just about every bullet out there and noting compares to theses bullets. They are not seating depth sensitive and the bore rider takes care of the runout issues that 50 BMG brass is famous for. i shot them with as much as .009 worth of runout and they still shot great. A hollow point design is soon to be released and from the copper that is used (which is special to theses bullets) i feel that we will finally have a match bullet that will expand on animals. The are CNC machined with Swiss style equipment. Once again they are awesome. In preliminary testing the 802 gr bullet had a BC of .950, which is right on par with the Amax. A 762 grain bullet is out but i have not had the time to test them yet. We feel that they will be just under the 802 in BC. A pic is under the news section of their web site