SOLD/EXPIRED Cutting Edge Bullets .338 200 Grain MTH Match Tactical Hunter New Open Box Solid Copper High BC


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Dec 26, 2013
$49 for the box plus whatever shipping.

I just bought these but ordered the wrong ones. Broke the seal having a look.

High BC .570 G1 .224 G7 1.420 Length .850 Sectional Density Each box contains 50 bullets
Our MTH line is machined out of lead free solid copper bar stock on a CNC lathe. These are a high BC, expanding bullet designed for hunting at all ranges. A unique feature of this bullet is our patented SealTite™ band which is a band slightly larger than caliber diameter around the bullet which was designed to eliminate fliers by preventing gas blow-by. The SealTite™ band also decreases copper fouling which is typically associated with mono metal bullets.
These bullets do not mushroom, but instead, fracture. After 1-2" of penetration, 3-4 petals will break off and radiate outward from the main wound channel about 2-3" creating massive trauma. They will expand down to 1600fps. The required twist rate for this bullet is 1:12" or faster.

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