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Post 62 : Shawn Carlock states 400 round barrel life prob NORMAL with N570. So if the guy that designed the P+ chamber states this in 2017. The barrel performed EXACTLY as predicted by the GS at 480 round count.

"The barrel you speak of that dies at 400 rounds had a steady diet of N570 run through it. 570 has been the death sentence to more than one good barrel. Chambered in 33 8Terminatro the 570 will cut barrel life in half! There have been enough barrels run their course with N570 and RL 33 to compare and support this."

So how does a barrel maker have an oar in this water? So the communications are "alleged" to be poor. Doesn't change fact the barrel performed as expected by the guy that did work. Curious if this was discussed with OP?
Interesting post by Carlock stating N570 cuts barrel life in half.

Post in thread 'Thoughts on the Defensive Edge +P throat design'

That post by Shawn in that Thread is in reference to the guy's barrel that I posted about in this thread. Dead within 400 rounds fired, while using N570. I don't see N570 alone taking out a 338 LAI in less than 400 rounds fired.

Didn't then. Don't now. 338 bores aren't nearly as overbore as 308 bores. I own several 338 bores. I have no concerns burning N570 in my 338s. But none have +P leades.
Nope, but I didn't tell him he was at fault either.
O.k whos is it? There's only one person who pulled the trigger, choose when to clean it, chose the powder and +P throat, 3 consecutive rounds
Cut your loses and move on for Christ's sake.
What i do know is my 30-28 is about 10% less capacity and 2 rounds with H1000 its plenty hot.
I don't remember when the 400mod barrels came out and they were being marketed as longer lasting except if a certain powder is used or a +P throat. I remember that it was the best thing since sliced bread.
I ran a ModB barrel for a season of prs. It moved the throat just as fast as the non modB barrels that replaced it running same powder, H4350. I personally feel Bart steel is softer than others, as my Hawkhill barrels have moved less in same number of rounds. Just received a bad Bartlein carbon, we'll see how this works itself out. All I know, you guys can run a Bartlein at your own risk, I won't be buying anymore, ever. More for the rest of you!
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