Custom Tikka 260 -765


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Aug 6, 2015
Just got this but I have my eyes set on something else. Here is the info from the previous owner "

Here is my Tikka action with Shilen Select Match Sendero contour 1-8 twist 27" threaded barrel (5/8-24) chambered in 260 rem (SAAMI reamer). It was chambered to minimum headspace. I only got to fire 60 rounds through it, all factory ammo.

The scope base is a Mountain Tactical base, but it is 0 MOA. It also has the long action bolt stop.

I didn't get to test accuracy much as I wanted to because I had to get this ready for a hunt. I spent the majority of range time with hunting ammo, and did zero load development. The first 30 rounds were match ammo - Prime did well printing on average ~.5 MOA groups with the best being .27 MOA.

The bolt was fluted at LRI in the double diamond pattern.

Not looking for any trades as I've got something in my sights. I also have a mcmillan A5 bedded for this action with mountain tactical BM if someone is interested in that as well FOR A GREAT DEAL. As well as a 20 moa nightforce rail if that is desired as well. Looking for a quick sale.

Asking $765 shipped for BA. Contact me for other deals

Brake and bipod not included


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