SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Scout Supply 308 Stiller tac30aw

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    Oct 9, 2009
    I have an upcoming Elk hunt and I need to generate some cash and that is the only reason I'm parting with this rifle. Russell is currently building me a 300 win mag almost Identical to this rifle to take on the Elk hunt. Unfortunately I can only sustain one habit that I can't afford at a time, and I'm going to sell this rifle to help pay for the hunt.
    Stiller TAC30AW, Broughton 5C cut at 20" M24 contour with badger thruster brake and matching thread protector. Manners MCS-T stock, PTG bottom metal, Timmney trigger set at roughly 2.5-3.0lb, didn't put a gauge on it but it's nice. Two standard studs up front one in rear, two flush cups on left. Metal done in O.D. green cerakote with bolt and bottom metal in black. Stock is tan. Has approx 130 rds through it. This rifle shoots excellent. I have shot some stupid small groups with it. 44.5 of varget with 175 SMK or 178 Amax shoots excellent as well as 46.7 of CFE with with the 175 smk. Barrel is pretty fast for a 20", I was getting very close to 2700fps with the CFE load and about 2575 with the Varget. YMMV thats what my chrono said and drop correlated. I will try to get pics up but, if you want pics I will text them to you and that will probably be your best bet at getting them. PM me with a phone number. $3000. No wait, shipped right from my FFL to yours. Also have some supplies if you are interested. I'm thinking about going straight 300 win mag. I have brass, some once fired, and some brand new and primed. Several AI mags as well. If you are looking for a complete set up we could work out some kind of package deal. Thanks