SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Savage long range intervention system.


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Feb 8, 2009
I have decided to part with this rifle. I am not looking for trades and I am not looking to part this rifle out at this time. This is going to be a 1 shot deal as all of the parts are married to eachother. I am asking $1250 TYFFL for the rifle only but all reasonable offers through PM will be considered. The scope, rings and bipod are NOT included for $1250 BUT I will take $1550 for the WHOLE package. The scope is a Nikon Monarch 4-16x50 WITH tall target turrets and the rings are Warne Maxima scope rings. The scope DOES have an imperfection, my son accidentally dropped my savage nut wrench onto the side of the bell of the scope, not bad by any means but it is there and it is semi noticeable but Nikons rock hard overcoat did its job. Why wait 12+ weeks for a cutom tactical rifle when this has already been built for YOU!

Specs are as follows

Savage 110 LA staggered feed internal magazine. Action, bolt and barrel nut were trued and timed (prior to bedding) by Kevin Rayhill of Stockade gun stocks with the scope base screws opened up to 8-40

Mcgowen 26" 300 win mag bull barrel 1" MD. BRAND NEW,NEVER FIRED

Stockade prairie dog/tactical (older style) bedded to the action and recoil lug above by Kevin Rayhill. OD green with black web and limbsaver 1" recoil pad

SSS trigger
SSS tactical bolt handle
SSS competition recoil lug
EGW base also opened up for 8-40
Karstens cheek piece
The entire barreled action including the bolt was Gunkoted in tactical black. Can provide recent pics if needed

I have literally poured blood (lots of), sweat and tears (not to many) into this rifle. The first "ILL TAKE IT" gets it. I hope someone jumps on this rifle quickly as I dont see it lasting long. I TRULY believe it will make someone very happy. I do not have to sell it, I am not in desperate need of $$$ so please do not email/PM me with lowball offers. If you feel the price of the rifle is unfair, that is your opinion to have and if you care to discuss it further please contact me through PM and not in a reply. I have 100% POSITIVE feedback on EVERY forum I sell/buy stuff on, I also have 100% POSITIVE feedback on Ebay under the name nylouie516 so PLEASE buy with confidence.

The first pic is the rifle now (gunkoted in black), its not a great pic the older pics are before the rifle was gunkoted but they were better pics I had on hand.






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