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Jan 1, 2007
Lewiston, Idaho
I am going to have a custom long range rifle built this spring and there are several options that I am considering. I al looking to have a gun built that once a scope is put on it will weigh 10 1/2 lbs in either a 7mm Remington Magnum or a .300 Winchester Magnum. I will either shoot a 168 or 180 grain Berger VLD out of the 7mm or a 210 Berger VLD out of the .300. My problem is that I will be hunting both species of deer, elk, and bears with my gun. I like the idea of having a 210 gr. bullet but I would have a muzzle break put on it. My concerns with the muzzle break are that they are extremely loud and I have heard of reduced accuracy out of them. I am leaning toward the 7mm for this reason. Does anyone have any input on these calibers and bullets and there killing ability for these animals?
If your wanting to stay factory round wouldn't a 7RUM fill the gap nicely between the two? Especially if you could get your hands on some of the 200gr Wildcats.
The rummor that a brake hurts accuracy is a false one. If the brake is designed, made and installed by knowledgable profesional their should be no disernable loss in accuracy potential from that barrel. I have seen gas cutting erosion on different brakes cause problems later on, but that is easily correctable.
Both good choices. One of the newer brakes that are shown on this site would be on either if it was me. I used a 300 win for awhile. I then went to a 300 wby. Both worked very well with 190's and up. I don't have much trigger time behind a 7mm anything. That being said the next purchase will be either a 7mm mag or the action to build one. I'm thinking of building a wildcat off of one of the rcm cases. depending on the action length I have to work with will determine which one. I have a short action right now which would make me lean toward using the 338 rcm case. If I can acquire a long action I would use the 300 rcm case.
Good luck with the project
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